February 03, 2012

Announcing Veggie/Fruit A Month Event - Lemon

Days fly by so fast!! Really!! It feels just like yesterday that I hooked up for this wonderful event (Veggie/Fruit  A Month ) chartered by our dearest Priya of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipe. A huge thank you to you Priya for including me. :)

Lemon is the star of the month.  Lemon refers to both an evergreen tree and its yellow fruit. Lemon has n number of uses from the simple everyday lemon juice (lemonade) to a lemon marmalade. Pickled lemons are also a very popular Moroccan delicacy. 

Now coming back to the event there are some rules for this event -

  • "Lemon" has to be the star ingredient in the dish.
  • Prepare a vegetarian recipe (eggs are allowed)
  • It has to be a brand new recipe folks, No archives please (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert - the word is anything :)). 
  • Use of the logo is mandatory to help spread the word about the event.
  • Link your post to this announcement and to Priya's main event page. 
  • Non bloggers are as always welcome just send your name, recipe and a picture and you are in.

Please send me your entries between Feb 01st to Feb 29th to gopikanambiar@gmail.com with 'Lemon' as the subject. And do include the following details -
Your Name
Name of the blog
Recipe Name
Recipe URL
Photograph of your dish. Please make sure the picture is not large.

The event round up will be posted by March first week. I am sure you guys had fun at the last event held @ Raji's - Vegetarian Tastebuds.

Cant wait to see you guys come up with slurpy delicious Lemony recipes :) Welcome to my our event :)


  1. happy hosting


  2. Happy hosting!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. happy hosting..:)
    will send in my entry soon..;)

    Tasty Appetite

  4. i am a fan of all citrus fruits...will send in a recipe soon..

    please check out the Kerala Kitchen event at my blog.



  5. Happy Hosting Dear, Sure I'll post one of ma spl. recipe for ur great event.

    following ur space.....do visit mine in ur free time :-)

  6. Happy Hosting dear...will try to send..

  7. http://www.heliscookbook.com/ ..Its a sheer pleasure to invite you to join my webpage

  8. That is a cool logo. Thanks for hosting this dear :)

  9. I have one to send off to you right away - my hummus - will do so right away! happy hosting dear!

  10. happy hosting..cute logo..will send recipes soon..

  11. Nice event dear, thanks for your comments in my space, will be sending some recipes, you've chosen a challenging fruit, lemon..

  12. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and giving a nice comment.you too have a nice blog.

  13. happy hosting will try to make something new :)

  14. Happy hosting! that lemon with the shades is cool! :)

  15. U have a few awards waiting at my space. Do collect them dear...

    Preeti's Kitchen Life

  16. nice event.loved that lemon pic.....


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